Unveiling the Secrets to Striving
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Unveiling the Secrets to Striving
The Future is Flourishing

Feeling like you have more to give, more to achieve? That you can go farther and faster in your career, inspire others and reach new heights? You could be heading for the Flourishing Zone.

That gap to get there - that's where the art of striving takes centre stage. In today's world of work, it's not just handy, but utterly smart to strive. But what’s the very best way to strive?

While there are many methods to consider, let's take a look at 5 key ingredients that won’t fail you.

1. Reflecting on Your Values: Crystal-Clear, SMART Goals

To have clear goals and actively work towards them, it’s important to have clarity of “what” you’re working towards and “why”. Not only does this bring clarity and perspective, it becomes a catalyst in supporting your journey.

Goals are tools that help us transform purpose into meaningful impact through action. And that's why crystal-clear goal setting is key to infusing meaning into our work. According to Laura A. King at the University of Missouri, purpose makes us feel more engaged and connected to the work we are doing¹.

It’s important to regularly dig deep and (re)define your ambitions. Ask yourself, what achievements are you striving for in your work? Which core values does your organisation hold? Do their values align with your own values? Finding the priorities and rationalising your relationship with work - that’s the first vital step to personal success.

2. Taking Initiative: The Game-Changer

Don’t just look for opportunities. Create them.

Push your boundaries. Look beyond your tasks. Reach out and engage in lead projects. Volunteer to contribute for areas you haven’t worked in before.

Remember, stepping out of your comfort zone might feel uncomfortable, but growth often comes packaged with discomfort. Start with less daunting tasks and take on bigger challenges gradually. Spot larger problems, brainstorm, and offer innovative solutions.

3. Nurturing a Growth Mindset: The Secret Sauce

Fear of the unknown, of failure, often stops us from chasing new challenges. Yet, it's crucial to remember the silver lining that failure offers: growth. Overcoming challenges fuels adaptability and resilience.

View setbacks as pit stops on your journey to greatness. Embrace the room they create for improvement. Actively seek feedback, and build on it. Perspective is everything: every setback is a stepping-stone to growth. It brings you closer to flourishing. Combining this with constructive criticism and dedicated effort sets you up for unlocking your full potential.

4. Building Meaningful Relationships: The Hidden Treasure

The magic of positive relationships in the workplace has been explored extensively. Time and again, individuals have achieved unprecedented success because of supportive organisational networks. Research confirms that meaningful relationship at work contribute to “happiness” at work, ultimately enabling people to flourish².

Lone wolves don't get far. Invest time and effort into fostering meaningful relationships at work. Listen actively, empathise, celebrate your colleagues' successes, and lend a helping hand when needed. Your efforts will build a robust support network to help you achieve organisational milestones.

5. Achieving Work-Life Balance: The Balancing Act

Striving and sustainability go hand in hand. And if you’re not striving, you won’t flourish for too long.

Don't confuse striving with endless working hours or aimless dedication. Striving means orchestrating a certain rhythm into your work and personal life. It’s not just hard work. It’s smart work too!

Don’t risk burning out. Pace yourself to find your stride. Practise personal protocols to achieve a healthy balance between work and non-work activities. That includes staying active. Exercise physiologists recommend at least 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise every week to stay healthy³.

According to the World Economic Forum, in order to flourish at work, having a holistic and purposeful approach to actions is a must. They are crucial prerequisites to be productive, happy, and satisfied with your job⁴. Together, these factors allow you to find your way to flourishing. Unveiling the Secrets to Striving SHAPE is your companion in this journey, helping you harness your potential and explore where you need to strive. Highlighting the areas where you’re struggling so that you can make determined action where it’s most needed. With unrivaled scientific insights, SHAPE nudges you, your team and the whole company towards your ultimate destination: The Flourishing Zone.

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