The Science behind SHAPE


Guide employees to happiness and
high-performance through a flourishing mindset.


The Flourishing System

Empower everyone to get what they want.

It starts with the individual building a flourishing mindset.

This continues to ripple through the organisation, with support from managers and executives.

Everyone plays their part in creating the conditions that enhance flourishing and performance.

See how the Flourishing System works.

The Flourishing Wheel

The fundamentals of measuring flourishing.

Explore the 12 Explorers

All the intelligence you need to flourish, in one place.

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The Models Behind SHAPE

Our Autonomy in Isolation Model (AIM) assesses how employees handle physical separation in an increasingly remote world. Use intelligence to drive support.
The Desire and Ability to Attend and Perform model underpins SHAPE. DAAP is invisibly inherent in all aspects of SHAPE - all Explorers, all the questions within them, impact one or more areas of DAAP.
SHAPE addresses the impact of mental health on work. We’ve pioneered the Depression, Anxiety and Stress Scale to just 9 questions. Its accuracy powers direct signposting to intervention services.
From Corporate Culture’s 25 sub-factor model to Employee Engagement and Business Essential’s 10 factor models, every Explorer topic is powered by scientifically validated models packed with statistical accuracy, scoring technology and efficacy assurance.
SHAPE is designed for scale. From small companies with 25 employees to the world’s largest multinationals with teams of any size imaginable. Every aspect of the platform scales to automatically survey, report and guide.
Flourishing is the ultimate new goal made possible by ProScore. A truly advanced measurement made simple, ProScore blends statistical and behavioural sciences to accurately inform where individuals, teams and the company are struggling, striving or flourishing.
Each SHAPE point has tangible value. Investment to improve scores translates into tangible company benefits. Understand the time and money ROI values to be gained through positive action.
Build your organisational structure from the ground up, one employee at a time. Integrated into the survey, it takes literally less than 1 minute. Welcome to the world’s most accurate team reporting while maintaining privacy.
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